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Daniel Rama
Daniel Rama

Yogi, Student, Teacher

Rama’s bio:

Born of a background in functional anatomy and blessed by the good fortune of maturing in an ashram of traditional Hatha Yoga, international yoga teacher, Daniel Rama, is known for bringing a powerful balance of both new and old.

His journey towards yoga began with an at first unfortunate accident, and a grim diagnosis. Being told by doctors that he would never be able to run again, was one of the most traumatic experiences for the young man studying to become a personal trainer. Through increasingly unappealing circumstances, yoga eventually lead Rama beyond his darkness, and back into the Light.

After having tasted the healing powers of yoga and meditation, young Rama made it his life purpose to share these gifts with the world. Present day, together with his partner Shakti, Rama’s main focus is on teaching students how to fine tune the foundations of their asana practice, and safely advance into the realms of physicality and beyond.

Shakti’s bio:

Shakti began her movement journey when she found yoga in 2010. She attended Naropa University to focus her studies on traditional eastern arts (with her concentration in yoga). Since then, she has completed over 2,000 hours of formal yoga teacher training and has spent countless hours dedicated to deepening her experience and understanding of those traditional practices. It didn’t take long for her to realize that yoga asana, on its own, is not a complete or practical means to movement and overall physical wellness. In search of more, she spent two years training and studying closely with an Ido Portal community in Boulder, CO. During those years she was exposed to more moments of failure, frustration, improvement, understanding, joy, and humility than ever before. She knew that it was her responsibility to travel the world and help join the worlds of traditional yogic practices with more modern, applicable forms of functional movement. For the past eight years, this is exactly what she has done — and it is only the beginning.